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Measure Reservoir Depletion While You Drill

By FractureID


Drillbit GeomechanicsTM is the game-changing service Fracture ID has brought to our industry. This technology is a proven solution that provides crucial information about the varying rock properties along lateral wells that directly affect completions efficiency and ultimately, well performance.

Much of the company’s work focuses on activity around the wellbore. But after 350 wells, they’re learning near-field lessons apply into the far-field.

“The downhole data we’re measuring during drilling correlates with the pressures monitored during and after stimulating a fracture stage,” said Chris Neale, CEO and founder of Fracture ID. “It tells us which stages will more likely lead to fracture interference.”

Good Vibrations

Think of the service as an accelerometer that sits in or near the drill bit. It captures drilling vibrations (think mini-earthquakes) that Fracture ID converts into actionable rock data—revealing factors like stress and strain that can profoundly impact completion success and corresponding completion cost.

It’s like turning the lights on in a darkened hallway. Once you see all of the obstacles in your way, you walk down the hall differently.

Illuminating Darkness Downhole

A single well will only tell you so much. Fracture ID studies the communication data from multiple drilled and completed wells to paint a picture of where the most depleted zones are.

Currently, the technology is being used by several operators to optimize completion stage design on a single well, a pad of wells or within a full reservoir. The goals of our clients are to bring down costs without reducing production. The results have been very positive with several companies reducing cost by $100,000 - to $1,000,000 per well.

Gone are the days of completing your well blind.

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